Charming Hotel*

Its magnificent rooms and splendid garden will allow you to spend a few days of rest and peacefulness.

You will be able to do different outdoor activities in the vicinity, such as going to the beach, golf, horseback riding, hiking, surfing, diving or mountain biking.

You will also enjoy cultural activities like visiting museums, enjoying both the San Sebastian film festival and the Hondarribia jazz festival, wandering through the medieval walled city or the fishing district and its colourful fishermen’s houses and, all the more, tasting winner pintxos (tapas) at the best national culinary awards.

Six gorgeous double rooms with ensuite (private bathroom), four of them with an extra bed.

Three common areas to relax, read, talk or eat as a family.

There is a kitchen for the guests in the garage, on the Bista Eder ground floor.

A splendid garden with superb views.

A covered space to repair or park your bikes.

A quiet and peaceful environment.

We speak English, French, Spanish and Basque.


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We present a double room on the 1st floor of the hotel, with bathroom. ...
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We present a large and comfortable double room on the 1st floor of the ...
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We present a single room on ground floor with fully equipped bathroom, with a ...
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We present a charming double room on the 1st floor of the hotel, with ...
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We present a double room on the 1st floor of the hotel, with bathroom. ...
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We present a double room on the 1st floor of the hotel, with bathroom ...
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Aitana is a semi basement room.


The house has a wide range of equipment common to all users
  • A family house
  • The garden
  • Entertainment area
  • The Conservatory
  • The kitchen
  • Space for bicycles
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A family house

At Hotel Bista Eder you’ll feel right at home. Katrin and Esteban will attend to you, with the suitable blend of friendliness and closeness, to make you feel both comfortable and independent.

Our living area is separated from the hotel, but still close enough if you needed anything.

There are common areas that are shared among guests, great for group activities.

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The garden

Bista Eder means “beautiful view” in Basque. As soon as you lean out to our garden, you will get access to a beautiful viewpoint of the bay and perfectly understand the name of the house. It is a natural balcony on Hondarribia and Hendaye from which you can admire the bay of Txingudi and its beaches.

We have a solarium with deck chairs and two areas with tables that you can use either to eat or for leisure activities.

If there are unpleasant weather conditions, we have a conservatory from which you can enjoy beautiful sheltered views.

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Entertainment area

On the ground floor, there is a sitting room where you can read, chat, play cards … Where you will find Tourism Leaflets and WiFi signal.

This space communicates directly with the conservatory and the garden.

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The Conservatory

Next to the garden and pool, there is a charming enclosed balcony that doubles as rest area. While it offers protection from the sun, you can still enjoy the view.

If there is harsh weather, you can close the sliding glass doors and use the space as a dining or recreation room.

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The kitchen

There is a kitchen for the guests on the Bista Eder ground floor, in the garage, equipped with a sink, butane gas stove burner, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and all the required utensils and tableware.

It, of course, also has a large dining table.

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Space for bicycles

Many visitors of Bista Eder love the two-wheeled sport, for them we have a garage-space to park the bicycles indoors and comfortably prepare or fix them.

If you have not brought your own, there are two electric bicycles (pictured on the left) you can rent. They are an ideal way to get to know Hondarribia and the surrounding area, through the bidegorri (bike path) network.


You can contact us at:


Domingotxoenea Kalea 32
Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa (Spain)

Phone.: +34 686 23 63 33